Mini Mala Beads - Rose Quartz
Mini Mala Beads - Rose Quartz

Mini Mala Beads - Rose Quartz

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Mala Beads 

Commonly used in Dharmic religions such as Buddhism to recite and count a mantra.
Full size Mala have 108 beads, whilst smaller hand held or mini pocket versions have a number that is a factor of 108 such as 27, 54 or 9 for our finger versions. 
The extra bead at the base is known as the Guru bead which is not included in the count and may be a similar bead to keep the Mala uniform or a Stainless Steel Buddha bead.
The 108 bead Malas may be worn as a necklace or our elasticized version allows you to wrap around your wrist as a bracelet

Rose Quartz:

Known as the Stone of Gentleness and the Stone of the Heart.

It inspires appreciation for live and beauty and relates to the def and the environment.

It is usually found in Brazil and the USA.

Hand Made in Melbourne.

Material: Rose Quartz & Stainless Steel

Bead Count: 27 Beads  

Bead Size: 6mm



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