Yin Yang 33 Bead Komboloi / Worry Beads
Yin Yang 33 Bead Komboloi / Worry Beads

Yin Yang 33 Bead Komboloi / Worry Beads

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Yin Yang:

Yin and Yang is a Chinese philosophical concept that describes the opposite but interconnected forces. 
Many natural dualities such as light and dark, Fire and Water, expanding and contracting are thought of as physical manifestations of the duality symbolized by Yin and Yang.


The name comes from the Latin word onyx which means ‘claw’.  It is known a as the stone of self control.  It is a useful stone in times of confusion.

It is usually found in Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Czech Republic, Madagascar and Germany.

White Jade:

White Jade is said to aid with bringing peace and calm aswell as bringing luck  and clarity.

Also known as Nephrite, in ancient times it was believed to have medicinal powers that would help with issues surrounding kidneys hence the name deriving from the Greek word for kidney. 

Hand Made in Melbourne.

Material: Onyx & White Jade with Stainless Steel Yin Yang

Bead Count: 33 beads 

Bead Size: 10mm 




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