Baltic Amber Komboloi / Worry Beads

The epitome of the Komboloi - Baltic Amber. 

The tears of the Gods - Amber contains succinic acid which is a natural analgesic and healing agent. Baltic Amber was formed over 45 million years ago produced by pine trees that grew in the southern regions of the present day regions of the Baltic Sea. Baltic Amber contains more succinic acid than Amber.

Mohs Scale (Hardness Scale Rating): 2-2.5

Given the more fragile nature of Amber compared to semi precious stones or bone - An Amber Komboloi is not for hard banging but more a gentle style of dropping the beads on themselves.

Pressed Amber is made from Baltic Amber pieces pressed in high temperature and under high pressure - the Mosaic effect is achieved by pressing together different colours of Amber 

Due to the reconstruction process, pressed Amber is also slightly stronger than naturally formed beads.