Infinity Series


The Komboleri was first designed and invented by Jon Lambousis - owner of Melbourne’s - The Komboloi Shop. 

It is a hybrid creation mixing elements of the timeless designs of the Komboloi and the Begleri - hence the name. 

The design in its most basic form is a set of Siamese twin kombologia - dubbed the ‘Infinity Series’ as both sides are anchored by the same center ‘priest’ bead -  reminiscent of the Infinity symbol.

The prototype and first production models are made of semi precious stones with an obsidian Priest. The prototype featured Turquoise coloured Howlite barrel beads and the first production Komboleri which is owned by Jack (@swordandsphere) in which you can see showcasing his abilities in the Infinity Series videos is made of Rainbow Jasper beads with 2 red tiger eye beads on either side also with an Obsidian priest.

The idea was spawned to cater for both the expert as well as the beginner.

For expert players of skill toys and Begleri players, the centered Priest ads another dimension allowing the user to go back and forth with classic Begleri and Komboloi tricks while also opening up a new realm with endless possibilities.

For beginners wanting to learn to use a Komboloi, the Komboleri is the perfect starting point to excitement rather than spending time trying to find the Centre point in the beads to swing in a traditional method whereas with the fixed priest, the center is clearly defined and works as a reference point so your beads are always ready to be swung.

Check them out now and start slinging!