Worry Bead Bracelet - Wearable (Long Tail MK II)

Hand Made in Melbourne.

The Mk II version of the immensely popular Original Long Tailed Wearable  series, the Mk II has been designed for those who want the versatility of the multiple uses of the original  however prefer a more streamlined design. 

Strung on specially designed spring back material with a silicone slider , it allows the wearer in bracelet mode to loop the excess length in back over their wrist whilst also enjoying the the spring back motion when used as a Greektyled Komboloi. 

With the Long Tailed Worry Bead Bracelets Mark II you can wear them as a bracelet by tightening the top bead whilst looping the  remaining length of string or release the beads in the opposite manner to make a full size useable Komboloi.

To use as a Mala/Tesbih/Masterchef style - tighten the top bead as you would for a bracelet to secure the beads then loop the remainder string back over your wrist.