Thermochromic (Mood) Wearable Worry Beads


Thermocromic (Mood) Worry Beads (Wearable)

Containing thermocromic liquid crystals with brass double cores, these Worry Beads  change colour based on temperature. The temperature range is from 15degrees to 34 degrees Celsius.

***These beads although durable for everyday use - please try to avoid dropping them or sitting on them to not damage the liquid crystals***

Worry Beads designed to used and worn. 

Like its predecessors, the MK3 Short allows you to use it as a Mala/Tesbih/Masterchef style aswell as being able to be worn as a bracelet by loosening and tightening the Macrame knot. 

By loosening the macrame knot and allowing some slack you are also able to drop the beads onto themselves to add another dimension to your fidgeting.