Κombolói,(Greek: κομπολόι)

Plural: Kombologia (Greek: κομπολόγια)

​The origins of the komboloi date back to when the monks of Mount Athos began making strands of beads by tying knots on a string for the recital of their prayers.

The komboloi evolved from the komboskini (κομποσκοίνι), which is what the Greek’s called a Prayer Rope.

In Modern Greek, komboloi is derived from kombos  (κόμπο "knot") and (λέω "say") :  κόμπο-λέω becoming komboloi (κομπολόι).

It is said that the above is an abbreviation of the phrase:

With every knot I say a prayer – (σε κάθε κόμπο προσευχή λέω).

The Komboloi / Worry Beads have many uses, some people enjoy having them as a companion, some enjoy collecting them, some cultures use them religiously others just to pass the time.

Most importantly they aid in mental health especially in trying times like we are currently living in. People are finding solace with worry beads, assisting with their psychological state, anxiety and depression.