Ebony 100 Bead XL Series
Ebony 100 Bead XL Series

Ebony 100 Bead XL Series

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Inspired by the Eastern Orthodox 100 knot  prayer rope the XL series features 100 beads making them perfect for those who want extra beads to go through and can also be used religiously 

Ebony is a dense black/brown hardwood.

The word ebony comes from the Ancient Egyptian hbny, through the Ancient Greek wordἔβενος (ébenos)

 Hand Made in Melbourne.

With the Fixed Worry Beads you can use as them as a Mala/Tesbih/Masterchef styled worry bead. Unlike the long and short tailed version, these are to be carried rather than worn.

Material: Ebony 

Bead Count: 100 Beads

Bead Size: 6mm




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