Hematite Wearable Worry Beads MK II
Hematite Wearable Worry Beads MK II

Hematite Wearable Worry Beads MK II

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The Stone of Grounding, it is said to help in grounding and stabilizing by creating a string connection to the earth. 

It can be found globally especially Brazil, Morocco, South Africa and Switzerland 

The Wearable Worry Bead Short Tail Mk II.
Like the original series these are designed to be worn around the wrist as a bracelet when not being used. 
Elasticized and made to size - The MK II takes on a streamlined look with a 2 bead end that can be easily tucked under when worn as compared to the more ornamental look of the original series.
All items are hand made in Melbourne. 
With the Short Tail Worry Beads you can either wear them as a bracelet or use as a Mala/Tesbih/Masterchef styled worry bead. Unlike the long tailed version, these can’t be used as a Greek Komboloi

Ebony is a dense black/brown hardwood.

The word ebony comes from the Ancient Egyptian hbny, through the Ancient Greek wordἔβενος (ébenos)

Material: Hematire 

Bead Size: 8mm

These beads are polished, with use and wear they will revert to a natural matte finish. 

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