Tigers Eye Cascading 33 Bead Worry Beads

Tigers Eye Cascading 33 Bead Worry Beads

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The Cascading Series features 3 different sizes of beads for a unique look and feel  

Designed to be handheld and a carry item not worn.

The 33 Bead Worry Beads are the traditional full size Worry Beads.

Unlike the Greek Komboloi, these Worry Beads are Ottoman Inspired in the sense that they are fixed with no excess string, they are like the Tesbih, Misbaha & Mala

Tiger’s Eye:

The Stone of Protection and Confidence. An amulet of this stone provides confidence in one’s own ability to cope with life’s difficulties and struggles.  It is said to strengthen willpower and resolve whole protecting the wearer and bringing them luck. 

It can be found in South Africa, Nambia, Australia and Thailand. 

Material: Tigers Eye 

Bead Count: 33 Beads

Bead Size: 6mm + 8mm + 10mm




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